Name Change

How do I change my name at UCSF?

UCSF Directory

You can update your name and pronoun in the UCSF Directory directly by going to and clicking “Edit my record” at the top right.

ID Badge

You may request your chosen first name be printed when you acquire your UCSF ID badge. Please advise WeID staff if your chosen first name differs from your legal first name. After taking your photo, WeID staff will show you a preview of your ID card so you can verify the correct spelling of your name before it goes to print. Note that your legal name will still be printed on the back of the card. To set up your appointment or inquire further about your UCSF ID Badge, visit

Email Address

IT can update your email address name and listing. Submit a Service Now ticket “ARF:  Account Request Form” to modify an existing account, and note the change in the “Notes” section.


Students at UCSF are able to utilize a “preferred name” on campus. A "preferred name" is a name different from a legal name used by someone on an everyday basis. People may choose a name that reflects their gender identity or expression. UCSF students have the option of changing their names on the student portal. For more information on preferred name, please visit: